Today, our colleague Francisco Miguel Gallego Romero Responsible for the Metrology and Quality Control of the South Zone, starts an adventure of 11.500 Km by motorcycle and we want to accompany him..

The trip consists of the following round-trip stages:

  1. Departure from Cadiz (Puerto de Santa Maria)
  2. La Junquera (Lerida)
  3. Dijon (France)
  4. Lubeck (Germany)
  5. Stockholm (Sweden)
  6. Pitea (Sweden)
  7. Nordkapp (Norway)

It is a small unforgettable motorcycle ride, in which he will live multiple experiences. He will document and tell us everything to, even in the distance, feel accompanied. We will all enjoy this adventure together.

This trip was already made in 2010 by two brothers, Salvador and Juan Manuel Gonzalez, that told us day by day their experiences and anecdotes on their motorcycles

But Fran has decided to make this trip on his own with his bike and his AMS T-shirt to show it around the world, feeling proud of the brand.

Have a good trip!

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