Industrial machinery solutions, tooling maintenance and quality engineering

Our history

Founded in 2012, AMS philosophy is based on its entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. AMS is committed to offering a personalized service, studying each project ahead of the needs of its customers and providing an integral service with continuous quality improvement.

The combination of highly trained professionals and innovative technological equipment has made it possible for AMS to position itself as a reference company in the 3D Industrial Measurements services, among the OM’s and TIER1 in the transport and industrial sectors

In mid-2018, AMS joined SGS, reinforcing its reference company leadership in 3D Measurements and positioning itself internationally.

The union of the two companies will offer innovative services and solutions that will improve our client’s business.

Who are we?


AMS is a preferential provider of integral solutions in Metrology for OM’s and TIER 1 in the aeronautical sector, contributing with its experience and professionalism to the improvement and optimization of production processes.

AMS is always committed to technological innovation, quality and respect for the environment.

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Vision and Mission

The VISION of AMS is to be a leading company at the transnational level in the supply of integral solutions in the field of industrial processes, and to become an alternative, giving maximum importance to the continuous effort for innovation and quality, ahead of our customers’ needs.

The MISSION of AMS is committed to customer satisfaction, meeting their needs and expectations, providing them with integral solutions with the most advanced technologies, guaranteeing their effectiveness over time.

Our principles

Human resources

The added value that AMS offers to its customers is a highly qualified and experienced staff, with decision-making skills when a reliable, comprehensive solution is required. To this end, a continuous training program for the development of its knowledge has been set.

The AMS team comprises:

  • Metrology engineers: with specific academic training in industrial measurements. Over 15 years’ average experience in the sector.
  • Laser Operators: with specific training in tooling measurements and installation with laser tracker and portable systems. Over 15 years’ average experience in the sector.
  • Assemblers: with training in industrial maintenance, adjustment, tooling and assembly with laser tracker. Over 10 years’ average experience in the sector.
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Quality is a very important part of the company’s strategic policy. Continuous improvement of quality in its production processes is constantly pursued. The company goal is to offer the best products and services to its customers.

  • ISO-9001:2015 and EN-9100:2016 by EQA
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 45001 2018
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Nadcap AC7130/2 Laser Tracker Processes
  • Boeing D6-51991 Digital Process Definition
  • CASA 1033-58-FT
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Quality Policies


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Boeing D6-51991 (DPD)

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Casa 1033-58-FT

certificado en 9100:2018 ams
measurement and inspection certification for ams
certificado une-en-iso 9001:2015 ams