Quality engineering, tooling and industrial measurements

Quality engineering

  • Comprehensive solutions to process improvement, based on the result of verifications and AACC.
  • Audits, AACC and implementation monitoring.
  • Configuration control.
  • Technical consulting for the control and maintenance of production lines.
  • Evaluation of assembly processes using simulation techniques.
  • Development of specific applications for the integration of dimensional control into production processes.
  • Generation of specific installations and reception of tooling.

Comprehensive tooling maintenance:

  • Planning and conducting periodic reviews and daily maintenance.
  • Carrying out the repairs derived from both the revisions and the daily maintenance and the modifications to be implemented.
  • Complete management of the purchases and logistics of all the necessary material, as well as the storage of tooling material.
  • Quality assurance and complete document management including all reports and quality statements.

Industrial measurements

  • Preventive and corrective industrial maintenance.
  • Assembly, tool verification.
  • Periodic tooling reviews.
  • Machinery calibration and setting.
  • Dimensional inspection.
  • Verification of products, elementary parts and structural assemblies.
  • Robot calibration.
  • Dimensional support to the assembly of aerostructures and CAD model.
  • Measurements and assembly with standard calibers and optical instruments.
  • Transfer of tooling.

Digitization and reverse engineering

  • Rebuild classic designs by moving them to new technologies, as well as generate lost design documentation to keep them up to date with 3D scanning.
  • Comprehensive automation of aeronautical processes.


  • Specific training in dimensional engineering.
  • Training with SpatialAnalyzer and other Measurement Softwares.
  • Dimensional control with optical instruments.
  • Seminars.

SpatialAnalyzer ® (SA) by New River Kinematics (NRK)

It is the most optimal solution for portable metrology applications on large-scale projects. SA is an independent tool, traceable with other 3D softwares, which allows us to manage data in a 3D graphical environment by building and inspecting, with reverse engineering and graphical and analytical reporting of our analysis object, letting us automate repetitive processes programmatically.

  • Allows all types of instruments: It can be used with all kinds of tools.
  • Alignments: Allows all types of alignment for all types of projects
  • Traceability: Absolute control of our measurements.
  • USMN: Unification of different types of measurements with different precisions.
  • Real-Time Construction and Virtual Assembly: A complete set of tools for real-time point construction and/or geometries is available.
  • GD&T Inspection.
  • Geometry Inspection.
  • Definition according to the CAD model.
  • Reports: Rapid reporting.
  • Automation: Generate command lines by automating tasks.
  • Point Clouds: Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T).
  • The only measurement software that assesses uncertainty.

More information at: https://www.kinematics.com

Rental of portable equipment without operator

  • Wide range of equipment for special measurements.
  • Rental of laptops (Laser Tracker, Arm, Laser Scanner) with/without software.
  • Rental of laptops and measurement programs made on SpatialAnalyzer (other software on specific request).